Treatments for Heel Pain

The Many Sources Of Heel And Foot Pain

Treatments for Heel Pain

Painful Plantar Fasciitis: Causes and Treatments

Following a comprehensive examination to ascertain how your feet align and function, Ottawa Foot Clinic then determines where and how much foot support or foot alignment correction is required to reduce or normalize unwanted tension stressing the ailing plantar ligament.

Depending on your specific needs, corrective treatment options can then be proposed.

Podiatric Orthotic Devices

Podiatric orthotic devices are a common and effective treatment option that, when constructed and used with expert guidance, can effectively help restore proper foot alignment and reduce tension within the plantar fascia.

After your foot is placed in an optimal stress-neutral position, a 3D scan is taken of the supportive surface area and a prescription created for the fabrication of properly moulded orthotics that will provide proper support and foot alignment when inserted in footwear.

The 3D scan and instructions are then sent electronically to a specialized laboratory where the corrective orthotics are custom-fabricated to the highest standard then returned for inspection by the Doctor of Podiatry at Ottawa Foot Clinic.

The fit of your new corrective orthotics are then assessed in a follow-up appointment to ensure the proper force transfer has been achieved that will allow your plantar ligaments relax, heal and grow out of pain.

Laser Therapy

If a heel pain condition is severe enough to limit activities or in a state of chronic discomfort for more than 6 weeks, the cells in the ailing plantar fascia are fatigued and have diminished healing energy and capacity.

To remedy this, Ottawa Foot Clinic offers a high-power laser treatment regime that introduces light photon energy at a cellular level to reduce or eliminate pain and facilitate healing.

The advanced laser used in this procedure delivers noticeable results in a much shorter time than less powerful lasers. Typical treatment is completed in just 4 sessions (2 per week over a 2 week period); noticeable pain reduction can be achieved right after the first or second session.

Other Options

Other available treatment options include:

  • Resting and icing the affected foot
  • Daily stretching in conjunction with night splints
  • High energy shock-wave treatment performed under local anaesthetic
  • Prolotherapy or local injections to activate a stronger healing phase

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