Plantar Warts

Get Your Viral Wart Infection Laser Out Of Your Foot!

You need to get rid of these skin over growths that make it more and more difficult to walk. Since your wart or skin viral infection is contagious, it may spread out to your other foot or you may even be transferred to someone else’s feet. So it is important to get rid of this viral infection before you get more of them and before you passed it on … to family, friends and community members in contact with the grounds you share with them. Home remedies and over-the-counter preparations such as salicylic acid and repetitive liquid nitrogen applications are less and less successful since the viruses causing the wart are becoming more and more powerful and resistant over time. That explains why plantar warts do rarely subside by itself. That also explains why warts remain now unresponsive to old treatment options that were once effective. Options developed 10, 20 or 30 years ago are becoming less and less effective! Why not let the foot specialists at Ottawa Foot Clinic diagnose your problem, identify which option is best for you and put it into action right away?

The best approach to get rid of the wart fast is the laser therapy. First, we freeze with liquid nitrogen, second we laser the effected area and third we put on a vesicant medicine covered with a tape to be kept into place for 24-48 hours. This wart tritherapy protocol is the most effective way to treat most wart lesions. The laser cauterize the tiny blood vessels which were nourishing and perpetuating the wart, cause the infected tissue to die and gradually slough off. The treatment is simple, virtually painless in most cases, and won’t damage surrounding skin. In severe cases, it is best to proceed with a  minor surgery.

Are you ready to get rid of your plantar wart, be able to walk without pain again and with the peace in mind that you cannot transmit the disease anymore? Call (613) 595-9700 to set up an appointment at Ottawa Foot Clinic in Ontario and put an end to those pesky growths—the modern, most effective way.

How We Identify Plantar Warts, Time after Time, with Certainty?

In many cases, warts are quite easy to identify. But, more and more frequently, plantar warts have atypical clinical presentations that they are very difficult – if not, impossible – to identify with accuracy only using our God-given eyes.

It means that your plantar wart may be misdiagnosed as a corn or as another type of skin lesion and that you may end up with the wrong treatment approach!  It also means that the treatment may be stopped prematurely as a tiny invisible wart lesion is still present. And boom, the wart will recur!

For sure, toward the end of the wart treatments – usually at the second or third appointment – we need to re-evaluate for sure the presence or the absence of the residual lesion in a very reliable way.

This why we use right from the start, a dermascope, a 10 X magnifier instrument, to properly identify any skin lesion we encounter and to precisely measure the wart diameter down to the 1/10 of mm, so we are empowered to closely monitor progress and reevaluate our approach.

Plantar Warts: Causes and Treatments