Remembrance Day in Ottawa


Remembrance Day in Ottawa

rememberFrom all of us at OttawaFootClinic: Remember

It’s only one day out of the year, between the craziness of Hallowe’en and the bustle of the holiday season.

Yet it is one of the most important.

We are asked only one thing on November 11 each year.

That is: to remember.

We don’t have to sing songs, or write poetry, or essays, or perform on theatre stages.

We don’t have to search for old war movies, or read books written by major generals and great war strategists throughout the ages.

We just have to remember.

That’s all.

It is the one thing that binds us together as human beings and will last as long as we do.

For the one thing that has been there ever since we began is conflict.

Lord knows we still have many, and probably always will.

But doesn’t remembering make it a little more bearable?

I like to think that, somewhere up above, ones who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country are looking down on a mother somewhere, tucking in her child, and saying, “Today’s the day we remember Grandpa and Grandma and all they did to keep us safe.”

What a Simple Thing, Just to Remember.

It doesn’t ask much of us.

It’s really a very small thing.  After all, we asked so very much of those who gave so much.

We asked them to leave their homes, their families, their children, in frightening times of so much uncertainty.

We are still doing that.  And now we remember those presently overseas and peacekeeping here at home, who are in a very real way reliving the ordeals of their counterparts of past conflicts.

Each of our families has many stories to tell.  War has touched everyone in some way.  It is a great, sobering leveller.

We spare a moment today, to join with millions of others around the world: a giant unbreakable chain forged of respect, gratitude and love.

Let us never, ever forget our veterans and peacekeepers: the unselfish bravery, the professionalism, the will to succeed, the caring for others in other lands, the sense of humor never lost, the camaraderie among teams, the respect for human life.

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