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Welcome to Our Unique Combination Treatment Approaches Designed for Better & Faster Results

Had enough suffering from your limiting foot condition?

Foot and ankle pain has disorganized your daily routine? Untreated nail, toe, heel, foot and ankle pain may sooner or later keep you from participating in the activities you love. Bad enough to keep you out of your game and up at night. You tried many treatment options to everything? One option after the other. And none really worked the way it was supposed to. We understand your desperation and your frustration. We are aware that we are your last chance.

Why It Is Time for you to Put the Power of Synergistic Combination Treatment on your Side?

As the severity of most foot problems appears to have increased significantly over the last few decades, we do not rely on stand-alone treatment approaches anymore. We tend to include the POWER of SYNERGY in our Treatment Planning. We believe that the benefits of synergy are way more than additive. Hence, two treatments put into action altogether can be as much as five to ten times more effective than the sum of each individual treatment option. Based on the principle of synergy, we prescribe the most effective combination treatment approach specific to your foot condition and general health status. This way, chances are you’ll get better and faster results. In severe cases, we often perform 2 to 4 different treatments at the same time or in sequence.

Ask our Foot Specialist to Prescribe You the Most Effective Combination Approach to Fix Your Feet!

Heel, ball | top of the foot and ankle pain, ingrown and fungal toenails, plantar warts, bunions and neuromas are just a few of the common unresponsive foot conditions we diagnose and treat daily. I mean unresponsive to any stand-alone treatment you have tried so far. The Doctors of Podiatric Medicine, respectively Chiropodists and Podiatrists at Ottawa Foot Clinic and at Podiatry Clinic Gatineau, offer combination treatment options backed by years of education and experience.

Stop by to Visit our in-house Medical Shoe & Foot Product Store at Ottawa Foot Clinic

Our in-house Medical Shoe & Foot Product Store at Ottawa Foot Clinic proposes a wide variety of shoes and socks to help keep you active, comfortable, and stylish.

We also carry foot products carefully selected to upgrade your customized treatment plan. You will find the most effective compounded topical antifungal nail solution, skin cream and shoe spray to synergize with your antifungal dual-wavelength nail laser treatment. You will also discover a new Canadian seal oil. This unique omega-3 fatty acid is the very first supplement that is clinically proven to regenerate nerves in patients affected with diabetic neuropathy!

When we say state-of-the-art & high-performance combination treatment approaches, we mean it!

Here are four examples of Combination Treatment Protocols we often perform for heel pain, fungal nails, diabetic neuropathy and plantar warts.

  • HEEL PAIN COMBINATION APPROACH: Custom-made orthotics combined with i) prescription but stylish orthopedic shoes ii) 3 sessions of Shockwave Therapy iii) 3 anti-stretch plantar ligament tapings.
  • FUNGAL NAIL COMBINATION APPROACH: Dual-Wavelength Laser Therapy combined with super-potent compounded topicals.
  • DIABETIC NEUROPATHY COMBINATION APPROACH: Neuro-Vascular Testing combined with i) Periodic Medical Diabetic Foot Care ii) Seal Oil Supplementation iii) Nerve Stimulation Device .
  • PLANTAR WART COMBINATION APPROACH: Periodic skin debridement combined with i) Bleomycin Needle-less Injection or with i) Cryotherapy ii) Laser Treatment iii) Vesicant Medicine Cantharidine application iv) Occlusive dressing for 48 hours.
We Offer Long-Lasting Solutions to Your Foot, Toenail and Ankle Problems

We Offer Long-Lasting Solutions to Toenail, Foot and Ankle Problems

Perhaps you have tried over-the-counter arch supports, physiotherapy, massage, stretching exercises, pain killers for flat feet, or have put aside most of your preferred shoes to ease the pain of a bunion. Maybe you have tried many different prescriptions and over-the-counter nail products. And nothing did work!  Your toenails are  turning dry, brittle, thicker, yellow, brown: not very attractive! Whatever may be causing your foot pain or unsightly toenails, the staff at Ottawa Foot Clinic is highly dedicated to solving your problem for good, improving the comfort, health, and aesthetics of your feet and nails for years to come.

Our Combination Treatment Approaches: Your Highway to Faster Results

From the moment you set foot in our office, you will realize the difference in our approach to podiatry care. Our foot specialists know that many foot conditions are caused or magnified by underlying problems throughout the ailing feet and body, so each new patient at Ottawa Foot Clinic is given a comprehensive examination to devise a personal treatment plan using a combination treatment approach whenever applicable.

Great Location, Free Parking, Pristine Clinic, Professional Staff , Warm Bedside Manner

Our central, convenient and comfortable foot clinic is located just one street south to the crossing of Hunt Club & Prince of Wales. Free parking makes it easier for all of our patients to relax and enjoy their treatment sessions. Our friendly and professional office staff share our mission: to get you back on your feet fast!

Need an appointment right away? We may have same-day or same-week appointments available for you. Call Ottawa Foot Clinic today at (613) 595-9700, or email us at info@ottawafootclinic.com to have us contact you.

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