Corns And Calluses

How are Corns and Calluses treated?

Corns and calluses are one of the most common skin conditions treated by doctors of podiatric medicine. Calluses are a thick, hardened layer of skin, often the result of rubbing, friction or pressure due to congenital foot mechanical imbalance and improper shoes. Corns are much smaller and have a hard centre which develops at the heel, ball of the foot, or on the top, tip or sides of hypercontracted toes. A corn or callus can occur anywhere on the foot and varies in symptoms; from a mild thickening of the skin on the bottom of the foot, to an ulcer that can develop beneath a corn on the toe.

If corns and calluses are not treated they can become painful and will not heal on their own unless the cause is removed. If left untreated the body may begin to see the corn or callus as a foreign body and develop an ulcer which can lead to infection.

At Ottawa Foot Clinic, your foot skin issues will be taken care of by our foot hygienists. They are highly-skilled foot nurses working under the supervision of doctors of podiatric medicine and chiropodists. Your foot specialist have significant experience in dealing with corns and calluses. We will provide you with a proper assessment of the problem, and  help determine the cause so that a plan can be implemented to manage the condition. This may include monthly to bimonthly foot maintenance to assist with keeping the corns or calluses reduced and comfortable. Padding may help prevent pressure. Custom-made podiatric orthotic devices with good-supportive and high toe box shoes may be a good option to optimize force transfer and reduce friction in the affected areas. Conservative options are recommended first; if not enough, a minor surgical procedure may be indicated.

It’s best to consult with us in regards to establish the root cause of your specific  treatment options and avoid any “home” remedies as these can often worsen the problem.

How are Corns and Calluses treated?