Healing Pain Relief and Treatments


Healing Pain Relief and Treatments

Painful Heels Can Change your Life painful-heels

Another Change The World campaign—the effort to get high school kids to volunteer in their community—has drawn to a close. Ottawa teens turned in their volunteer hours in support of a host of special events and ongoing projects. Changing the world is a big and worthy concept, but even a small thing like painful heels can change your world, too—for the worse. Although it may not compare to treating cancer or finding a cure for MS, we offer heel pain treatments that can help you heal, so you can go on to help others.  Such a worthy goal, don’t you think!

Sore heels can result from a variety of issues. Heel pain causes include:

  • Plantar fasciitis– inflammation of the ligament under your arch
  • Achilles tendonitis – inflammation of the tendon behind your ankle
  • Overpronation – excessive rolling of your foot to the inside as you take a step, which contributes to pain in your heel
  • Heel spurs – bony growths under or at the back of the heel that can irritate surrounding tissues
  • Arthritis, an inflamed bursa, or a bruise in the soft tissue next to the heel bone

Pain Relief is Essential

No matter where it comes from, you are looking for a change: relief from the pain so you can function normally again. The good news is we can usually help you with conservative, non-surgical treatments.

Remedies such as better types of shoes, taping and strapping methods, or custom orthotics designed by us to address your faulty foot movements can be surprisingly effective. We can always prescribe pain and anti-inflammatory medications (oral or injected) that help you over the hump until your tissues heal. Physical therapy using certain stretches and exercises can also be beneficial.

In a few cases, you may not find enough relief from these treatments. That is when surgical procedures may be a final option. A torn Achilles can be repaired surgically so it heals better, and an inflamed bursa or heel spur can be removed if needed.

Find the expert foot care you desire at Ottawa Foot Practice in Ontario. You can call us at (613) 595-9700 or set up an appointment through our website. We want to change your painful heels to healthy ones, so you can go out and change the world.

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