Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

tarsal tunnel syndrome

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome: Its Various Causes tarsal tunnel syndrome

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome compresses the Tibial nerve as it travels along the inner leg. This foot condition causes pain and tingling in the ankles, pain radiating up the leg and into the foot, swelling of the heel, electric-like shocks, hot and cold sensations, and even a burning sensation starting at the bottom of the foot and going upward.

Naturally, this condition is most unpleasant and strange. Often patients will feel like their feet don’t have enough padding but they don’t know why. TTS can be caused by a variety of issues (including benign cysts, varicose veins or tendon sheath Inflammation), but it’s important for you to come in to Ottawa Foot Clinic and have the problem properly diagnosed and treated. Don’t delay!

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