Your First Visit To OttawaFootClinic: What To Expect


Your First Visit To OttawaFootClinic: What To Expect

What Is Going to Happen When You and Your Loved Ones Visit Our Office for the Initial Appointment?


foot Very often, people are apprehensive about visiting a new doctor or clinic. This is a natural reaction when you don’t know what to expect; and especially when you are in pain! You don’t need extra anxiety on top of that.

So here’s what will happen at your very first fisit! We will take the time to listen to you during your initial 60-minute appointment, which is quite unique in our community. You will be asked questions about your feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips and back, to identify your weakest links.

In the light of your personal history of your body’s musculoskeletal or locomotion system, a comprehensive physical examination, posture and gait analysis and digital radiological exam will be performed. A review of the overall findings will connect the dots so you will discover each one of your existing foot conditions and clearly understand:

  1. The root cause of  your specific foot condition(s);
  2. What should be put into action to get you back to vibrant health and out of pain fast!

If You are in Pain, Call Us Immediately.

We can often arrange for appointments the same day.  You don’t have to suffer needlessly.

If you are ready to go ahead with your personal plan designed to get you healthy promptly, we will commence your first treatment session without delay. We will take action to address the root cause right away and we will initiate the first treatment to support the repair of the most damaged foot structures. Many patients do experience a noticable improvement of their foot condition(s) right after this very first visit!

At the conclusion of your first appointment, you will be handed out a complimentary copy of Foot Pain and Nail Conditions, a book full of detailed information about many common foot problems. A detailed report will be faxed to your family physician (often the very same day) if this is your desire.

There is simply no reason to continue to suffer from foot pain, even if it doesn’t hurt all the time. We recommend you to make sure your very next step is a visit to our office so we can discuss your foot pain symptoms and find the right treatment for you.

Our entire team is passionately knowledgeable about foot health and dedicated to creating an outstanding patient care experience!  Right from the start.

We listen. We care. We make feet feel better.

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