Diagnosing Plantar Fasciitis


Diagnosing Plantar Fasciitis

How We Diagnose Plantar Fasciitis

Our Ottawa foot clinic specialists identify specific points of tenderness in your feet through visual inspection (redness, swelling) and methodical palpation of foot structures (joint capsules, ligaments, skin, tendons, muscles, bones, fat pads and nerves). plantar-fasciitis

This examination is performed to help rule out other causes of heel pain that may be present at the same time such as:

  • Fat pad resorption at the bottom of the heel resulting with loss of shock absorption capacity;
  • Co-existing tendon and muscle conditions;
  • Stress fractures;
  • Long-standing inflammatory arthritic conditions; and
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome and/or medial calcaneal nerve impingement.

Major Diagnostic Equipment

Our Doctor of Podiatric Medicine may also perform weight bearing digital X-rays to help identify and quantify ankle bone misalignment, excessive pronation, or other issues creating abnormal tension/compression in the foot structures.

Effective Treatment is Available

If plantar fasciitis or some other foot issue is causing pain or discomfort in your heel, arch or other foot area, Ottawa Foot Practice provides effective treatment options for heel and foot pain.

Contact our office at 613-595-9700 to schedule an appointment. Free parking is available at our state of the art Ottawa foot clinic.

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