What is Psoriasis?


What is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis Causing Skin Lesions on Feet

psoriasisPsoriasis is a medical condition that occurs when skin cells grow too quickly. Faulty signals in the immune system cause new skin cells to form in days rather than weeks. The body does not shed these excess skin cells, so the cells pile up on the surface of the skin and lesions form. Psoriasis may also affect the nail color and shape and may co-exist with a fungal nail infection or onychomycosis.

How is Psoriasis Treated?

There is no cure for this condition; however there are a number of ways psoriasis can be treated by a foot specialist or chiropodist. It is best to make an appointment with one of our foot specialists at Ottawa Foot Practice to have your condition assessed and an appropriate treatment prescribed to manage your specific needs.

Depending on the severity of the condition, a treatment plan may include the removal of excess layers of dead skin that may be required weekly, or monthly. Other treatments such as topical lotions and medication may also be prescribed to assist with the management of psoriasis.

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