Shock Wave Therapy

the power of shockwave therapy

Shock Wave Therapy

The Power of Shockwave Therapy: a Highly Effective Treatment for Pain the power of shockwave therapy

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, a foot problem characterized by progressive pain, inflammation and microtears within the most powerful ligament of your body, you know the discomfort and the limitations this stubborn condition may cause. The affected ligament causes pain right under the heel bone and sometimes within the arch. Pain is worse especially at the very first steps following a prolonged period of rest (sleeping or sitting). Standing, walking or running for a few hours often worsen the symptoms. When conventional treatments are ineffective at minimizing symptoms and healing the plantar fascia, extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) can be an excellent and powerful solution.

ESWT delivers waves of energy deep into the rigid plantar ligament. The energy will literally melt the scar tissue, remove the adherence sand restore flexibility. The shockwave therapy prompts the body’s natural healing response, replacing the damaged plantar fascia tissue with new, healthy tissue. As a result, the shock wave  treatment can reduce or eliminate the pain and symptoms associated with a plantar fasciitis or Achilles’ tendonitis conditions thus significantly improving the foot’s functioning.

Reasons for ESWT

Generally speaking, ESWT is recommended for individuals with plantar fasciitis or calcaneal tendonitis whose symptoms have become unmanageable. It is also recommended when the patient does not respond to custom-made orthotic devices as the first-line treatment to restore proper force transfer and to reduce the tension within the affected structures.  Many patients choose ESWT as a less-invasive alternative to cortisone injection or cryosurgery.

The ESWT Procedure

ESWT is first administered at a low level of intensity to anesthetize the irritated and inflamed nerve endings. The power is gradually increased – with the consent of the patient – until the optimal therapeutic level is reached. Five thousand impulses is to be delivered into the affected ligament or tendon.

If you have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis or Achilles’ tendonitis or are suffering from chronic arch or heel pain, contact your foot specialist to obtain more information on your treatment options, including extracorporeal shock wave therapy. With the help of a skilled Doctor of Podiatric Medicine at Ottawa Foot Practice, you can enjoy improved foot functionality.

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