Pain Laser & Shockwave

Pain Laser & Shockwave

Pain Laser and Shockwave: Two Extraordinary Treatments

A goal of many foot and heel treatments is to provide your body the opportunity to heal itself. Sometimes, however, your body might not have the capacity or energy to eradicate this pain on its own quickly enough. If the pain is still slowing you down following three to four weeks of conservative treatment, then you might consider the addition of therapeutic approaches designed to suppress pain and accelerate tissue repair.

At Ottawa Foot Clinic, we recommend these two therapies, applied in combination or as a stand-alone procedure:

Our Pain and Repair Laser Therapy involves two different laser devices at the same time, targeting the causes of pain with three different wavelengths and mechanisms of action. The powerful laser light floods cells with energy and opens blood vessels, resulting in a better flow and reception of oxygen and nutrients, and subsequently an accelerated rate of cellular repair.

Our Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) is recommended for patients for whom plantar fasciitis symptoms have become unmanageable or do not respond to other treatments. This option sends different frequencies of pressure waves into the affected tissue, encouraging the healing process by the removal of the scar tissue or adherences around the collagen fibers of the affected plantar ligament or Achilles’ tendon.

The most beneficial treatment for you may depend on your condition and its severity. In some cases, both may be used in conjunction with each other. Contact Ottawa Foot Clinic to schedule an appointment and discuss the options for pain relief that may be available to you. Call us directly at (613) 595-9700.