Pain And Repair Laser

Pain And Repair Laser

Laser Therapy: How it Works

Our pain and repair laser delivers complementary wavelengths and frequencies of light into areas of primary and secondary pain to encourage faster healing of injured or affected issues. This treatment has several effects:

  • Repolarizing inflamed nerve endings to alleviate foot pain, often quickly after the first pain and repair laser session. laser therapy how it works
  • Flooding damaged cells with energy and opening up arterial vessels to deliver more oxygen and nutrients, accelerating the repair process
  • Activating venous and lymphatic circulation for a faster elimination of acidic, inflammatory by-products.

Our pain and repair laser protocol consists of four sessions delivered two times per week for two weeks. Most patients feel a noticeable improvement in their condition right after the very first session. This form of treatment is often prescribed as a stand-alone foot pain reduction procedure in cases of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendonitis that have been occurring for less than 3 months and are being or have just been starting to be addressed by orthotics.

If heel or foot pain has been affecting your mobility and/or quality of life, contact Ottawa Foot Clinic. Our team will conduct a full examination to discover the roots of your discomfort and recommend the right protocols to help you find comfort and regain confidence in your steps.

To schedule an appointment at our Deakin Street office, call us at 613-595-9700.

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