Before and After

Before and After a Definitive Ingrown Toenail Procedure

This 29 years old mother have been affected with a sore, on and off, ingrown toenail on her left big toe for years.

Because her calloused nailfolds were pushing up against both nail sides, the nail got finally detached from the toe. This broke away the natural barrier at the distal end of the nail. Then the fungal micro-organisms got right into the open spaces under each side of her discolored and yellowish nail.

An ingrown toe nail procedure had been performed conservatively enough to preserve the natural outline of her left big toenail and the look of her feet. The immune system of this young lady was strong enough to push away the disfiguring fungal nail infection.

Here is the final picture showing how the appearance of her foot, toe and nail had been nicely preserved. At Ottawa Foot Clinic, we take pride in providing you such good looking and fungus-free end-results!