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Nail Conditions You Shouldn’t Ignore

Though they are only a small part of your body and are hidden away in shoes half the time, your toes and nails can be a big bother. Toenail problems are often ignored, but they seldom go away on their own. Following are some of the common nail conditions we see and treat at Ottawa Foot Clinic on a regular basis.

Fixing Fungal Nail Infections

Even foot specialists can end up with persistent toenail problems, as our podiatrist knows after struggling with fungal nails himself for many years. The infection causes the nails to discolour, grow thick, even become brittle and crumble. It is caused by a fungus that invades through a tiny break in the skin and burrows under the nail, where it is hard to get at.

After methodically trying the many different remedies that are available—topical and oral medications and different types of laser treatments—he and several American colleagues have come up with a treatment protocol that is very effective. The earlier you discover the fungus and begin treatment, the better. If you see a small while or yellow spot on your nails or they are becoming thick and unsightly, don’t delay. Make an appointment and let our targeted laser treatments stop nail fungus in its tracks.

Improving Ingrown Toenails

There are several reasons that your hard nail tissue will curve down and grow into the soft skin that surrounds it. Genetics play a role, but so may your shoe choice, your walking gait, and work and activities that put pressure on the nail. If the skin is pierced by the nail edge, you have the added complication of swelling, pain and possible infection.

You may be able to heal a slight case at home with shoe changes, but often this toe problem is a recurring one. Rather than deal with periods of discomfort, you can let us remove the offending nail tissue and destroy the growth centers at the outside edge of the nail. Then the offending section of the nail will no longer grow out and cause you pain.

Treating Thick and Long Toenails

Toenails often thicken as you age, and sometimes they can become more curved and harder to trim with a regular clippers. If you have these abnormal “ram’s horn” type of nails, we can trim them safely and give them a more natural appearance. As mentioned before, thick toenails can be a sign of a fungal infection that needs to be dealt with. They can also be the result of an injury which damages the matrix and causes the nail to grow out oddly. You don’t have to simply live with these nail conditions. They and any underlying issues can be treated so your feet and toenails and your whole body are healthier.

Improving Ingrown Toenails

There are many reasons that nails can become discolored and disfigured. Pitting, spoon-shaped nails, brown stripes on them, brittleness and crumbling from fungal infections, and other abnormalities can make you embarrassed to wear sandals or let anyone see your feet. They can also be an indication of a more serious medical issue. Whenever you see changes in your toenails that are not due to an obvious injury, you should have them checked out.

Our team is trained to recognize nail conditions that could be an indication of kidney, heart, or thyroid problems, psoriasis, diabetes, or genetic issues. Once you start treatment for any underlying condition, you can also get help for the appearance of your nails.

Don’t hesitate to contact Ottawa Foot Clinic at any time when you are concerned about toenail problems you may have. Simply call us in Ottawa, ON at (613) 595-9700 or schedule an appointment through our contact page.

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