Toenail Fungus Treatments

feet ready for summer

Toenail Fungus Treatments

Fungal Nails May be Successfully Treated!

You may not have hauled out your best warm weather shoes just yet, but summer is not far away. If you want nice-looking nails in time for sandal season, but suffer fromtoenail fungus, the time to start treatment is now. feet ready for summer

This infection may not be dangerous, but yellowed, brittle, crumbly nails can cause a lot of grief and make you embarrassed to wear open-toe shoes. The treatment of a fungal nail infection is tricky, and you have probably tried most of the home remedies you’ve heard about, or even the medications you can buy at the pharmacy or discount store. We have tried many of them too, and have worked with other colleagues to see which therapies give the best success. Here’s what we have settled on as the prime treatment regimen:

Treatment Regimen for Fungal Nails

  • Daily shoe treatment with anti-fungal spray or UV light treatment, so the fungus can’t hide in them and keep re-infecting your feet.
  • Daily application of antifungal cream on the skin around the nails, to kill the fungus that might migrate from the skin at the bottom of your feet up to your nails.
  • Monthly nail laser therapy sessions, using concomitantly two clinically-proven fungicidal wavelengths, will destroy the fungal micro-organisms hiding underneath your nail.
  • Application of an antifungal sealant after each laser treatment on the two most affected nails will keep new fungi from re-invading your new healthy nails and will restore a normal and vibrant nail appearance right after thevery first laser treatment.

With this protocol, healthy nails should begin to grow out to replace the unattractive infected nail you are seeing now, and once they do, your toes will delight you and not embarrass you. Don’t delay and let the problem get worse. Schedule your fungal nail treatment at Ottawa Foot Practice by calling (613) 595-9700 or requesting an appointment on our website. You will be glad you did when you can show off your pretty new nails this summer.

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