Ingrown Nail & Wart Treatments

Ingrown Nail & Wart Treatments

how are ingrown toenails treated
How to Identify Plantar Warts

Don’t treat these yourself! See the professionals.

There may not seem to be many similarities between plantar warts and ingrown toenails at first glance, but at Ottawa Foot Clinic we have seen one frightening fact they have in common: sometimes patients will go too far trying to treat these conditions themselves at home, leading to “bathroom surgery” that not only hurts, but increases the risk of infection. Not only that, but the problem can remain unsolved.

Some home remedies are harmless, and you can try them if you wish, but never try to cut into yourself or your nail when trying to treat these conditions. If you have warts or an ingrown nail that are painful or stubborn, come see us at Ottawa Foot Clinic. We can offer the professional, safe and effective treatments you need:

Plantar Warts, caused by a virus, can be treated through our new laser therapy in a quick procedure.

Ingrown Toenails can often be treated conservatively, but in severe cases the nail may need to be removed and the underlying bed treated to prevent an ingrown nail from returning.

Our team is on hand to help you eradicate pesky and painful cases of plantar warts and ingrown toenails. Call us toll-free at (613) 595-9700 to schedule an appointment and discover the best options for treatment.