Surgical Procedures

The Facts About Foot Surgery

Simple Surgery with Excellent Results

Even though you will likely have a foot problem at some time during your life that will require professional medical treatment, it will not usually require surgery. At Ottawa Foot Clinic we use conservative, non-invasive therapy whenever possible. When foot surgery is needed, we want to provide you best information so you can make a sound decision.

Why Consider Foot Surgery?

The main goal of any procedure is to alleviate pain and improve function in your feet when other methods have failed to bring relief. Whether it is needed to address particularly stubborn plantar fasciitis, correct a nerve entrapment, or realign foot structures, you can trust the expertise of our team for advice. Some surgical treatments can also improve the appearance of your feet, such as with fungal nails.

The Facts About Foot Surgery

The Most Advanced Procedures

Here are a few of the minimally-invasive foot surgeries and other procedures that can correct painful issues in your feet:

  • MIS procedures involve only a small incision, and precision instruments contain a light, camera, and tiny tools to help see inside your foot and do what’s needed without risking the complications of a large incision. The incision can usually be closed with one stitch. Instead of casts and crutches, you can usually walk out in your own shoes with only soft bandages on your feet.
  • Cryoanalgesia can destroy unneeded or damaged tissue by treating it with extremely cold temperatures. It can also be used to provide a temporary nerve block to relieve pain from compressed nerves, such as with tarsal tunnel syndrome. The procedure takes about 15 minutes, is relatively painless, and does not require a lengthy recovery. About 85% of patients treated with cryoanalgesia experience lasting pain relief with no known complications.
  • Some surgeries are done for cosmetic reasons as well as for pain relief. Ingrown nails may need to be partially removed. Nails damaged by trauma may need to be removed to repair lacerations to the nail bed beneath it. Nails damaged beyond repair by fungal infections might also be removed, after which we can use the nail restoration system to form a replacement nail while yours is growing out again.

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