Ottawa’s Orthotics Experts

Setting Things Straight for Relief and Mobility

Many cases of foot or heel pain—and even pain along the legs, knees, hips, and back—can be attributed to an abnormal foot structure that throws off proper alignment and places excessive stress on muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments. At Ottawa Foot Clinic, we examine your structure for these problems in alignment with the goal of providing the proper correction and support to relieve your symptoms. One of our methods for doing this is orthotics.

What are Orthotics?

Orthotics are external devices to be inserted inside orthotic-friendly shoes or sandals —replacing the removable insole —in order to provide up to a 50% improvement in foot support and alignment. These devices can not only offer relief from alignment problems, but can also help guard against sports injuries or protect sensitive areas of the foot.

If foot or heel pain is bothering you, or you suspect a problem with your biomechanics, Ottawa Foot Clinic is ready to help find and treat the root cause of your problems. Call our Ottawa office at (613) 595-9700 to schedule an appointment today.