General & Diabetic Foot Care

Let’s Get Specific: What We Do For Your Feet

General and Diabetic Foot Care: How We Care For You

For a sore tooth, you see a dentist. Eyesight going bad? You visit an eye doctor. The logical person to consult when you have problems with your feet and ankles is a foot specialist like Ottawa Foot Clinic in Ontario. With specialized training and years of experience seeing every type of foot condition, we offer a wide array of services for general foot care as well as the special care needed if you have a condition like diabetes.

We Begin with a Comprehensive Foot Exam

Your first visit will begin with an extensive exam. We will gather your medical history, including what you were doing when you first noticed the foot problem that brings you to our office. Then we conduct a thorough manual exam and palpitation of the feet and ankles, an analysis of how your foot moves, tests of your balance and strength, a search for any abnormalities in your foot structure, an evaluation of your skin and toenails, and observations of the wear pattern on your shoes. We also will use advanced digital X-rays of your foot to see how the inner bone structure is aligned.

As we gather all the clues and symptoms, a picture forms of what is causing your difficulties. If your symptoms seem to indicate a disease like diabetes or arthritis, we may do further tests as needed to confirm these underlying conditions. Taking the time to correctly identify what is leading to your pain or limited foot function is key to knowing what treatment will be most effective.

Next We Design a Personal Treatment Plan

Depending on what we find, treatment could range all the way from a simple shoe change to surgery. We aim for the least invasive method that will bring relief from your pain and improve the function of your foot.

We use up-to-the-minute treatment modalities, such as shockwave therapy for pain, laser therapy for pain and fungal toenail infections, and ultrasound.

Special Care for Our Diabetic Patients

Proper, professional foot care is essential if you have diabetes. Many of the complications of the disease (poor circulation, nerve damage) show up first in the feet. Besides showing you how to do a daily foot check yourself, we encourage you to come in for regular foot exams in our office to head off any problems.

If problems do develop, we can help you choose the right socks and shoes, perform a medical pedicure to the highest standards, and treat any wounds that may have formed on your feet. The goal of wound care is to help it heal from the inside out as quickly as possible, using debridement (removal of dead tissue); laser, shockwave and ultrasound to control bacteria and improve cell function; platelet-derived growth factors to speed healing, and dressings and protective boots to offload weight during treatment.

Partners in Health Care

Finally, when your treatment plan is finalized, we send a comprehensive report to your family doctor for further discussion and consultation, so we can work together with you as a team to get the best results possible.

For a caring foot specialist who listens to your concerns and diagnoses and treats your foot problems with the greatest of care, contact Ottawa Foot Clinic. Simply call (613) 595-9700 or contact us through our website for an appointment. Foot pain is not normal, and we are ready to make yours a thing of the past.