Laser Pain Therapy


This patient is affected with an inflammation of the plantar ligament of her left foot, known as a plantar fasciitis condition. The area of pain, which has been delimited with a red skin marker, is being treated with two different laser devices.

Pain Laser treatments have been shown in some research studies to lessen pain and inflammation by 75 percent. Pain Laser Treatment is the most innovative treatment available to relieve pain and inflammation.  At Ottawa Foot Clinic, we are proud to be on the cutting-edge of podiatric care. Our ability to offer Pain Laser Therapy as one of our alternative treatment options allows our patients to experience much more rapid improvement than they otherwise might, relieving their pain and restoring their mobility as quickly as possible.

Our Laser Devices have been approved by Health Canada and has a proven track record of success in clinical studies. Using specific wavelengths of light, our laser systems have strong anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effects on damaged tissues. Tendons, ligaments and muscles repair themselves very quickly when exposed to our laser devices, relieving pain and swelling almost immediately.

Because of the specific wavelength and power of the laser device we are using at Ottawa Foot Clinic, the anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of the treatment reinforce one another, making the process of pain relief and reduction of edema synergistic and, therefore, much more efficient. In addition, our laser technology delivers controlled laser energy, providing precise dose delivery and therefore more consistent results.


This patient is affected with an inflammation of the plantar ligament of her left foot also known as plantar fasciitis. Two areas of pain have been identified under palpation and marked. The ailing foot is now being treated using two laser devices at the same time. These lasers producing three different wavelengths which remove the pain synergistically using three specific modes of action, similarly to taking three types of pain medication at the same time.

The benefits of pain laser therapy are many and varied. It has been noted that laser treatment works through several physiological pathways and so can be used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and swelling, and promote rapid healing in the following ways:

  • Working as an anti-inflammatory, causing vasodilation and promoting lymphatic drainage
  • Reducing pain by blocking transmission of pain signals to brain cells and producing high levels of endorphins
  • Driving lots of energy into the ailing cells thus accelerating cell growth/tissue repair and speeding up recovery of nerve tissue
  • Increasing the formation of new blood vessels so more blood flow will bring more oxygen and nutriments to promote a faster and better tissue repair
  • Stimulating trigger and acupuncture points for immediate pain relief
  • Reducing formation of fibrous or scar tissue
  • Stimulating immunoglobulins and lymphocytes to help regulate the immune system
  • Stimulating collagen production to assist and accelerate postsurgical and wound healing
Same patient as above is also affected with an inflammation of the Achilles tendon where it connects to the back of her heel. Both the ailing Achilles tendon and the central aspect of the plantar ligament are receiving laser energy to calm down pain, swelling and inflammation and to store energy to promote faster and better healing.

At Ottawa Foot Clinic we use pain laser therapy to treat a number of foot and ankle conditions. While only one of our many treatment options, pain laser therapy has the advantage of being non-invasive and pain-free, producing rapid results with no negative side effects. A treatment session lasts for only about ten minutes per pain area. Many patients experience increased comfort at the application site during the procedure. Most patients experience positive results after one to three treatments, though the usual course of treatment involves 4 to 6 therapeutic sessions. Typically, the more acute the condition, the more immediately the patient experiences relief. Chronic conditions can usually be kept under control with approximately 10-12 ongoing regular therapy sessions.


At Ottawa Foot Clinic we use pain laser therapy for a great many purposes with a high rate of success. Conditions that may be treated effectively with our laser include:

  • Tendon, ligament, muscle and inflammatory to degenerative bone and joint conditions such as Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, gout, ankle sprains, muscle strains and tears, osteochondroses – Kohler’s and Frieberg’s diseases, metatarsal stress fracture and so on
  • Neurological pain such as Morton’s neuroma and tarsal tunnel syndrome
  • General and non-specific inflammation, swelling, and pain
  • Postsurgical pain and swelling and slow-healing diabetic wounds and ulcers


Our offices are well-equipped with the most up-to-date laser equipment and our doctors of podiatric medicine, chiropodists and foot specialists are highly trained and experienced in these procedures. If you are suffering from intractable pain of the feet or ankles and have not been helped by other therapeutic methods, this may be the perfect time for you to consult with the compassionate specialists at Ottawa Foot Clinic to explore pain laser therapy as a groundbreaking option in healing and pain relief.

To learn more about your unique foot condition and schedule an appointment with one of our doctor of podiatric medicine, chiropodist and foot specialist, feel free to contact us by phone during regular office hours, make an appointment or submit a question through this site.