Frequently Asked Questions

Ailing Feet often affect our Body Health up to the Spine

First, I invite you to remember that FEET ARE THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR BODY. This is true whenever you stand, walk, play or train. That’s why you’d better keep your weight-bearing skeletal system in good alignment. So your feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips and spine will stay strong and healthy. Best way is to get the right body support from the very bottom of your feet. How? By combining the benefits of wearing custom-made orthotics fit into well-made supportive shoes.

When Should you Consider Wearing Well-made Prescribed Shoes?

Whenever your foot specialist’s examination reveals that your are affected by one of – or by a combination of – the following foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip or back painful condition(s):

  • plantar fasciitis and any type of foot and ankle tendonitis (such as Achilles, peroneal and tibial posterior tendon inflammation)
  • Morton’s neuroma and toe joint capsulitis|bursitis|osteoarthritis|deformities
  • repetitive ankle sprains and shin splints
  • any foot|ankle|knee|hip|back joint pain – secondary to any foot dysfunction (associated with overpronation, flattening and collapsing feet or to underpronation)
  • many other foot and weight-bearing structure or joint limiting conditions.

N.B. Your main foot and weight-bearing skeletal conditions should be part of your shoe prescription.

Prescription Shoes Makes Them Tax-Deductible

According to CRA, you are entitled to tax-deduct the cost of your prescribed shoes. If you are alike most of our patients, you are on a 33% plus tax bracket. It means that  your combined federal and provincial personal income marginal tax rate is over 33%.  Then you may save up to $50.00 on a new pair of shoes priced at $150.00.  All you need to do is to submit your shoe invoice/receipt along with your personal shoe prescription signed by your Doctor of Podiatric Medicine.

A Valid Tax-Deductible Shoe Prescription Must List Necessary Shoe Characteristics to Help Offset Your Foot Conditions 

This why your shoe prescription must include:

  • the main shoe features you need to get – to optimize the corrective effects of your orthotics;
  • the medical foot and weight-bearing skeletal conditions you need to fix – in combining full-time wear of custom-made orthotics fit into your prescription shoes.