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Medical Pedicure

Medical Pedicure: The Highest Standards of Care medical pedicure

Medical Pedicure is nail and foot care provided with a hospital-grade sterilization protocol by trained and qualified foot specialists, doctors of podiatric medicine and chiropodists. Each and every hand and rotative instrument that will touch your foot during your treatment will have been previously sterilized in an ultrasonic device, dried, bagged, and autoclaved in our in-office sterilization centre.

Our advanced foot care or medical-grade pedicure service is ideal for everyone, especially those at risk of cross contamination from a substandard unsanitary nail spa/salon working with infected instrumentation which does not go through an autoclave cycle.

Our trained staff regularly treat patients suffering from different ailments following visits to local unsanitary nail salons.  The most common complaints are:

  • Athlete’’s foot or fungal skin infection;

  • Onychomycosis or fungal nail infection;

  • Ingrown toenails from poorly cut nails;

  • Cellulitis or bacterial infection resulting from cuts to skin barrier;

  • Infection of a pre-existing diabetic ulceration.

Although athlete’’s foot is treatable within a few 4-6 weeks with consistent twice-daily application of antifungal creams or foams, treating toenail fungus will require repetitive in-office laser sessions with a specific wavelength to kill the stubborn infesting micro-organisms (this is done over a 6 to 15 month-period).  Mild to moderate ingrown toenails may be solved with nail braces to straighten up involuted nails while severe cases may require surgery. Cellulitis and diabetic ulceration at the least requires antibiotic treatment, but in its more serious stages can also result in toe or foot amputation and even death.

Currently, local government authorities are responsible for monitoring and legislating nail salon health standards; unfortunately the rising number of infections being spread suggests there is little being done to protect you.

At Ottawa Foot Clinic, sterilization procedures are of critical importance. We take very seriously our mission to provide you with the highest standards of cleanliness known to our profession.